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County  Tourist Commission

 488 Price Avenue, PO Box 283
Harrodsburg, KY 40330
 800-355-9192 / 859-734-2364

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The Harrodsburg/Mercer County Tourist Commission is the official destination marketing organization for Harrodsburg and Mercer County.  Since 1979, the HMCTC’s primary goal has been to enhance the city and county's economy through tourism development--to promote and sell the community as a destination for leisure, group and business travel.

An extensive marketing plan promotes "The Coolest Place in History" as Kentucky's First Settlement and entices travelers to visit the variety of tourism opportunities offered.  Due to the Commission's marketing efforts for nearly thirty years, the tourist attractions of Mercer County are well known throughout the state and national tourism industry.

A variety of activities and promotional efforts are carried out by the Commission in order to stimulate the tourism market on a local, regional, state and national level.  The Commission interfaces with the tourism industry through professional affiliations, consumer travel shows, group motorcoach marketplaces, direct mail, Internet and personal contact.

In addition to encouraging visitors to the area, the Harrodsburg/Mercer County Tourist Commission works to fulfill customer needs and enhance their satisfaction with the community's tourism products and services.  Through cooperative efforts with city and county governments, trade and civic organizations, hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and area attractions, the Commission works to increase the appeal of Harrodsburg and Mercer County to tourists.

Our overall goal is to ensure a positive visitor experience by providing detailed information and excellent customer service.

A Transient Room Tax levied on lodging rooms in the city and county and a Restaurant Tax levied on dining establishments in the City of Harrodsburg funds the Harrodsburg/Mercer County Tourist Commission.


Tourism Expenditures 

New statewide tourism statistics, released in May of 2016 by the Kentucky Department of Travel, indicated that tourism expenditures in the state for the year 2015 were over $13.7 billion and created over 186,000 tourism-related jobs.

According to the report, tourism in Mercer County employs over 1,100 people. Figures showed a strong increase of 7.5% from the previous year adding $46.7 million to the local economy.

In Kentucky's Bluegrass Region, which includes Mercer County, the expenditures for 2015 were over $3 billion..



 Karen P. Hackett
Executive Director

Carolyn Crump
Executive Assistant



Kevin Hendren, Chair Represents Lodging Industry
Kathryn Tuggle, Vice-Chair Represents Mercer County
JoEtta Wickliffe, Treasurer  Represents City of Harrodsburg 
Brenda Roseman Represents Lodging Industry
Nate Patel  Represents Lodging Industry
Lois Mateus Peters Represents Mercer Chamber of Commerce
Dixon Dedman Represents Restaurant Industry


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